The Blue Tulip

11th September 2017

Shamaeel Ansari’s creations are an art one wishes to witness, almost like a fashion revelation, each exhibition put up by the designer revolves around a historic story. Shamaeel’s design process depicts in depth research conducted in places she has personally visited. Her education and passion is visible in intricate details embroidered on the clothes which are inspired by the vintage glamour of gold encrusting of the royal Kaftans from the Topkapi Sarayi. The vibrancy of Caucasian needlework is distinctive and unique to her collections which bring on the ramp flavours of Turkey; sublime as the soul of the dervishes, sensual as the spice bazaars and regal as the ottoman court. The collection speaks intensely of fabric preparation using modern technology yet has antique colour-ways that provide the market unique variety in craft yet fashion which is eternally wearable.