Millennial Fashion Showcase

Millennial Fashion Showcase

The Millennial Fashion Showcase is a stepping stone for future entrepreneurs from the Pakistan Fashion Industry, providing them mentoring in their field and a chance for their work and talent to be recognized. The aim is to provide the necessary guidance and a focused platform to give relevant experience and help launch a successful career. MNMF will include new generation of styling teams, new models, new choreographers and event managers, giving all those involved in the fashion industry an equal chance.


In its formative years, the Millennial Fashion Program selected 5 designers, from local universities and personal contacts and provided them mentorship from Council members where each millennial was assigned to an individual designer.
After presenting their collections at the Millennial Fashion Showcase a winner was selected via votes from the audience and media. The winner was then announced and given a free slot at the next Fashion Pakistan Week.



Millennial Fashion program seeks to continue introducing new talent, mentoring them to aid growth, sustaining them via scholarships and helping revive local crafts. Budding designers will be selected from university alumni & local industry through an open application on the FP website. They will then be required to prepare 2 outfits using a Local Craft. Designers will be selected on merit for the millennial program and thereby be assigned mentors for consultation sessions and provided scholarships (Full year scholarship for Textile students from local colleges and universities)


The designers and the selection process will be revealed at the 14th August event. This will be followed by a showcase event (OCT/NOV) where a winner will be selected again via a voting process. The best designer and model from the showcase will then be included in the next Fashion Week.


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