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“In the last ten years, Fashion Industry in Pakistan has seen immense growth and the Council has been instrumental as a platform in promoting this growth. I do believe that the time has now come for the Council to focus on development of young designers, try to find a path that will link Fashion to Industry, to help grow Exports which will affect the bottom line of the country – all of this and more is what I intend to do.” – Feri Rawanian

“This year’s Fashion Pakistan week is a celebration of the evolution of style through a decade. It promises to be a nostalgic experience along with showcasing budding new talents.” – Deepak Perwani

The Pakistan Fashion Council was formed by the pillars of the fashion industry. The council’s main objectives are to encourage, foster, promote, enhance, facilitate and assist individuals and/or design houses in the sale and promotion of high quality garments in the domestic market. The export of Pakistani branded goods to various international buying houses as well as retail stores especially in the high fashion and value addition sector is also of paramount importance. The Council also aims to raise funds through sponsorship and donations/subsidies from the private sector and government agencies to aid in the holding of an annual Fashion Week to introduce the above mentioned goods to the domestic and international markets by showcasing them through a series of shows. The funds raised by the holding of this event will be used to set up a polytechnic to train specialized labor to maintain high international standards of sewing and finishing as well as create new jobs for embroiderers and encourage craft revival. We also hope to eventually set up a permanent venue for the holding of mini shows for international buyers as well as a textile and research cell and a fashion and costume museum. The council also aims to buy machinery that is unaffordable to individuals, to be used by any designer to facilitate creative design for the export market. The participation of exceptionally talented students in international fairs will be subsidized by the Council as will apprenticeship and internships, grants and scholarships. We hope that by the profiling of designers and high quality fashion labels in international markets the Council will be able to place Pakistan on the high end map and show a softer image.

Fashion Pakistan Council’s objective is to foster and promote the Pakistani fashion industry both locally and internationally, encourage excellence in design, and build alliances with associations both within and outside Pakistan.


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